Wren House Brewing Company Review

Location2125 N. 24th St. Phoenix, AZ 85008
Phone Number(602) 244-9184
HoursM-Th 12pm-10pm, F-Sat 11am-Midnight, Sun 11am-9pm

Wren House Brewing Company opened in 2016 in an old central Phoenix bungalow. Situated on the east side of 24th Ave. north of McDowell, the tap room is located in the main house while the beer-production facilities are in the outbuildings behind. 

The name Wren House is a bit of a hat-tip to Arizona’s state bird, the cactus wren and the location of the taproom in a historic house. (2)

Head brewer Preston Theony is a Phoenix native. He spent some time in Montana at Big Sky Brewing before coming home to brew at Wren House (2,4,5,6)

WHBC is intentional about embracing environmentally friendly production methods. From their use of recycled water, local citrus and malt from local AZ growers they focus on local ingredients and conservation.

The Place

The location of Wren House Brewing is in the Green Gables/midtown area of Phoenix, an area that’s a bit gritty. Most patrons end up parking on the street next to the drive-through liquor store since the brewery’s own small lot is usually full. 

But the tap room itself is quite charming. Located in a restyled 1930’s bungalow, the interior is decorated simply with wooden tables, metal stools and subway tile. An old-school felt letter board displays your daily beer selections behind the 10-seat bar. 

Wren House Brewing Co. Phoenix exterior
Exterior of 1930s home that is now Wren House Brewing Co.’s tap room

Although WHBC ranked in the top 10 best selling taprooms in the Mountain West region in 2021 (3), the taproom is pretty small. There are 6 tables that seat 2-4 people and one larger community table. 

Another very interesting aspect of Wren House Brewing’s Phoenix tap room is that there are no televisions. That’s right! No football, basketball, baseball, golf or auto racing to distract from enjoying all that delicious beer. 

Wren House Brewing Co. Phoenix Tap Room
Simple, chill interior of the tap room

We also didn’t notice any cornhole, pinball or other games we see in other breweries. Lack of entertainment is not necessarily bad, it encourages you to talk to other patrons and focus on your beer. 

We enjoyed listening to something other than hits from the 80s and 90s… They were spinning a laid-back variety of mellow 60’s rock including hits from The Grateful Dead and Young Rascals.

So, you decide–is this a simple social space that encourages communing with your neighbor? Or is it a strictly utilitarian drinking facility catering to those with a single-minded focus on the intricacies of stellar craft beer?

Wren House Brewing Co. patio
Large, peaceful patio out behind the Wren House tap room

The Patio/Outdoor Facilities

The day we visited, it was a typical summer day in Phoenix: nothin but sun and the mercury topping 100 degrees. All the patrons were sheltering in their thermoneutral zone inside the tap room. 

But out back, between the brewing facility and the tap room is a lovely patio with shade umbrellas, misters and trees. They can seat more than 20 people at the large wooden picnic tables.

The outdoor patio looks like a great place to hang out in cooler times. And your canine companions are welcome to join you while you hang out with your glass of Spellbinder IPA.

2 glasses of beer on a wooden bar (Wren House Brewing Company Review)
2 beautiful brews about to be quaffed

The Beer

Wren House has become one of the most revered beer makers in Phoenix. They’ve won numerous awards including Phoenix New Times Best Brewery 2021 (1), as well as awards for individual beers. You can find their beer at many restaurants and bottle shops throughout Arizona and southern California. 

You can’t order a flight here, per se, but you can get small pours of any beer for $2-3. 

Here’s what we’ve tried so far…

Beer Reviews

Brigid Nitro Irish Stout 4.1%/? IBUOpaque dark brown; aroma/taste: coffee, hazelnut, malty, nutty; mouthfeel:creamy, lightly effervescent.
Friendly German Pilsner 5.1%/? IBULight yellow gold, clear; aroma/taste: funky, very European, crisp, biscuity;
mouthfeel: light, fizzy; overall: very good, reminds me of drinking classic imports in college. *favorite of the day*
Phoenix Lights DDH Double IPA 8.0%/? IBULight golden yellow, very hazy; aromas: fresh cut hay and straw; flavors: bitter, fresh cut grass hay; mouthfeel: medium, creamy
Two Little Birds Hefeweizen 5.7%/? IBUGold, sl. hazy, slight clove, very mild fruit/banana, bitter; medium body;
heavier than expected and less fruity than expected for this style.
ABV=alcohol by volume, IBU=international bitterness units

See how we rated some of these beers on Untappd.

Overall Impression

The highlights: Wren House Brewing Company’s midtown Phoenix tap room is a comfy, distraction-free place to taste some superlative craft beer. 

They have a sweet outdoor space where you can quaff in peace under the trees. Take home a four pack to enjoy one more of their excellent recipes tomorrow. 

Wren House Brewing Co. nitro beer
Look at that nitro foam on the Brigid Irish Stout!

There are a few challenges to keep in mind if you’re planning a visit. Parking usually requires you to leave your car on a side street up to a block away. 

You won’t find TVs or corn hole games here. The focus is really on drinking craft beer. If you’re looking for a hangout with food and entertainment for non-beer enthusiasts, check out some of the bigger places up the road like O.H.S.O. Brewery+Distillery.

Finally, Wren House is quite popular and it gets pretty busy. Servers might not have time to walk you through the nuances of the menu.

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