We Could Grow Roots at Throne Brewing Company Glendale

Location17035 N 67th Ave Ste 6, Glendale, Arizona 85308
Phone Number623-412-7770
HoursM 3pm-9pm, T-Th 11am-10pm, F-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 11am-10pm

When I was in college, one of my favorite places to procrastinate was a corner beer pub that had existed for years. The place was dark and cozy with only the bare essentials making it the perfect dwelling place for fun-loving, lazy students to hide out for hours. On top of that, the servers never put pressure on you to hurry up or vacate their table. I miss that place dearly.

The Place

Located in a strip mall at the corner of W. Bell Road and N. 67th Avenue in Glendale, AZ, Throne Brewing Company opened in 2018. We parked right in front of the restaurant in the large, free parking lot (no shade here, though).

When we stopped in at Throne Brewing Company Glendale, I immediately got a nostalgic feeling. The dim lighting, comfy booths and pleasant chatter of regulars at the bar brought me right back to my college days of rationalizing beer consumption as stress relief after Math 201 class. What? I was an art major–math was stressful! 

Throne Brewing Co. entrance
Throne Brewing Company Glendale, AZ interior

Although the vibe is cozy and dark, there is plenty of space for groups with seating for more than 100 people. Gleaming stainless steel brewing equipment lines one side of the space while tables and booths fill the center.

There is a bar across the back of the space and several big-screen TVs for sports lovers. I saw a table stacked with tons of games near the door (another reason to hang out for hours). And the sound system played low-key contemporary pop-rock music like Imagine Dragons, etc. 

There was no patio here, but who needs it when the inside dining room is so comfortable?

Throne Brewing Co. games
Enough games to entertain you for hours!

The Food

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the food at Throne Brewing Co., but after I walked into the place I had hopes of serious pub comfort food. And they did NOT disappoint. The food was really the high point of the whole visit. 

Throne Brewing Co. food menu

We ordered a Chicago brat on a pretzel bun with tomato, pickle relish, onion, sport peppers and spicy mustard. The brat was snappy and spicy and goopy–just the way we like it! 

We had house-made potato chips on the side of the brat. The chips were crisp, fresh and had a mild taste a bit like onion rings. I don’t know if that was intentional or not but either way, the chips were excellent.

Throne Brewing Co. brat and chips
Throne Brewing Co. burger and fries

Our second entree was the mushroom and swiss burger with a side of French fries. This burger was also served on a fresh, nutty, slightly chewy pretzel bun. The cheese on burgers is often forgettable, but not this time. The melted Swiss cheese was oh-so-creamy and really good. 

Throne Brewing Co. serves up some classic pub food using quality ingredients and interesting house-made items. It’s not your average corner bar. Watch out–you could get addicted!

The Beer

The craft beer menu at Throne Brewing Company leans heavily toward IPA. Of the 18 beers available the day we visited, half were some type of IPA. We chose a few of those and a sampling of other styles to check out their brewing range.

Throne Brewing Co. Beer sampler
Throne Brewing Co. Beer sampler

Beer Reviews

Bent on Destruction Double IPA 8.1%/62Appearance: gold, clear
Aroma: subtle pine, citrus hops
Taste: citrus, pine, mod to high bitterness
Mouthfeel: med body, med carbonation
Overall: pretty good WCDIPA, not super distinctive but very drinkable
Blood Orange IPA 6.7%/67A: deep gold, hazy
A: subtle orange, 
T: slight citrus, dry, medium bitterness
M: med body, med-high carbonation
O: good contender for an IPA, leans toward hazy style
Borrowed Suit Dry Irish Stout on Nitro 4.3%/42A: dark red brown, clear
A: caramel, roasted grain, cherries
T: toasted grain, malt
M: light to med body, low carbonation
O: missing something-top notes, a bit flabby
Gamma Ray Double Hazy IPA 8.7%/61A: light gold, sl hazy
A: piney, hoppy, dank
T: marked bitterness, little fruit-pineapple
M: medium body, med to high carbonation
O: more like a WCIPA than a typical NEIPA, bitterness prevails
Gateway Blonde Ale 5%/18A: pale gold, clear
A: sl cat pee, malt
T: lemon, malted grain
M: light, med carbonation
O: meh, OK but not one of our faves
Gator Bait NE Hazy IPA 5.7%/43A: Pale gold, sl hazy to clear,
A: pine, floral hops
T: sl dankness, hoppy with a little fruit
M: med body, sl soft
O: between WCIPA and hazy IPA-good balance to this beer
German Hefeweizen 5%/14A: straw gold, hazy
A: banana, coriander, wheat
T: missing top note, spice, Banana
M: soft, low carbonation
O: flabby, needs more acidity?
Rubber Room NE Hazy IPA 6.1%/45A: gold, hazy
A: grassy hops
T: grapefruit, significant bitterness, 
M: fluffy, high carbonation on medium body
O: yummy, good NEIPA
Trick of the Light NE Hazy IPA 7.7%/55A: light gold, hazy
A: grassy, piney hops
T: same as aroma with citrus flavors
M: soft, med body, med-high carbonation
O: fun hazy, a good example of NEIPA *Favorite of the Day
West Valley Amber Ale 5%/30A: light amber brown, 
A: subtle toffee malt
T: moderate bitterness, toasty, toffee
M: light body with med carbonation
O: subtle flavors, easy drinker
ABV=alcohol by volume, IBU=international bitterness units
Throne Brewing Co. beer menu
Beer and drinks menu

Overall Impression

Throne Brewing Co. in Glendale, AZ is a welcoming, comfortable pub with good food and beer. Their friendly servers and cozy atmosphere will have you stopping in multiple times each week and hanging out longer than you intended. 

Additional Details

Here are a few more tips to help you plan your visit…

  • When we went they were offering 20% off your entire bill with a Yelp! check-in
  • Free wi-fi is available
  • They have two other locations: Peoria and downtown Phoenix.
  • Close enough to do a pub crawl with Peoria Artisan Brewing and Richter Ale Works.
  • Less than 2 miles from Peoria Sports Complex site of Cactus League spring training games.


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