Richter Aleworks in Peoria–Sweet Neighborhood Sipping Spot

Location8279 W Lake Pleasant Pkwy, Ste 109, Peoria, AZ
Phone Number602-908-6553
HoursM-CLOSED, T-Th 3-8 pm, F, Sat 12-10 pm, Sun 12-6 pm

Located in the Fletcher Heights Marketplace in Peoria, AZ, Richter Aleworks’ taproom opened in 2016. In Phoenix craft brewery patois, this brewery sits among the elders.  

Owners Brandon and April Richter got interested in craft beer after a trip to Europe. They came home, engaged in some serious brewing education and staked their claim on a piece of the Peoria beer scene.

We recently took a field trip to the northwest Valley recently and stopped in to check out the bevvies.

The Place

The taproom is situated in a large-ish end space of a strip mall on the corner of W. Beardsley Rd. and W. Lake Pleasant Parkway. There is plenty of free parking in the lot in front (not shaded, though). 

They have a small shaded space sectioned off on the sidewalk in front of the taproom that acts as a makeshift patio. There were maybe half a dozen or so tables on the patio.  

Richter Aleworks entry
Entrance with patio seating

The L-shaped interior of the taproom is flanked by large plate glass windows on the front and a long bar across the back. Most of the 10 indoor tables seat 6 or more people and there are about a dozen bar stools. 

The decor is understated with touches of auto-repair paraphernalia as seen on the tap handles. There were a couple of big-screen TVs over the taps but we didn’t see any board games, yard games or other forms of entertainment. 

Richter Aleworks interior

Although we had no problems ordering beer, there was only one server working on a weekend day. I can see how it could turn into a problem if the place got very busy. 

The music on the sound system featured the likes of Clash, Guns-n-Roses and other 80s alt-rock played at a reasonable volume to allow conversation. 

The overall vibe is comfortable but the focus is obviously on the beer.

Richter Aleworks bar beer menu
The bar and beer menu

The Beer

The day we visited, Richter Aleworks was serving only their own beers and seltzers from 13 taps. The bartender told us they don’t have any “flagship” beers, every beer is a one-off. 

That means if you stop in a few times a month, you’ll always have a few new surprises waiting for you! During our visit, the menu board showed about half IPAs and a mix of pilsner, ESB, weissbier and pale ales.

Richter Aleworks beer
Nice sampling of beer from Richter Aleworks

Beer Reviews

4 on the Floor IPA 6.9%/60

Appearance: light amber, clear
Aroma: orange candy, pine
Taste: malty, dank, slight metallic flavor, a little flabby
Mouthfeel: med body, med carbonation
Overall: unusual malty IPA, leans more toward low notes, won’t appeal to everyone
Blasphemi Cold IPA 5.4%/40A: gold, clear, effervescent
A: pineapple, low hops
T: juicy pineapple, lemon, clean
M: soft, tiny bubbles
O: easy drinking, soft IPA, lower bitterness than expected; the hops are a bit lost here
Gearbox Pale Ale 5.9%/32A; deep gold to light amber, clear
A: caramel, biscuits, malty
T: caramel, biscuits, malty, moderate bitterness, fairly dry
M: light body, high carbonation
O: very nice pale ale, lighter than Sierra Nevada Pale Ale; *a favorite of the day
Get Bent Umlaut Weissbier 4.8%/22Appearance: gold, sl. hazy
Aroma: wheat, sl herbal, biscuit
Taste: wheat, lemon, mod. bitter, sl sweet finish
Mouthfeel: light-med, high carbonation
Overall: a good weissbier, *a favorite of the day
Last Orders ESB (Extra Special Bitter) 6.9%/27A: medium brown/amber, hazy
A: nutty, chocolate, caramel (Snickers bar!), cherry cola
T: warm grain, cherry cola, 
M: med heavy body, smooth, tiny bubbles 
O: amazing aroma, good for consuming in large quantities
Schnitzengiggle German Pilsner 5.2%/24A: gold, clear
A: honey, floral, bread
T: mod. bitterness, pretty dry, missing mid palate
M: light body, med to high carbonation
O: decent pilsner but lacking complexity
Through the Never Hazy IPA 4.8%/57A: deep gold, sl. hazy
A: marked pine and hay, slight citrus, AMAZING hop aroma!!!
T: high bitterness, grapefruit, a little malt
M: light body, low carbonation
O: Aroma of an imperial with the physicality of a session beer
Vulgar Display of Hops Double IPA 7.8%/62A: med gold, clear
A: orange, cheese/feet
T: funky, off flavors at the forefront
M: medium body, low to med carbonation
O: significant off flavors, did not finish drinking
ABV=alcohol by volume, IBU=international bitterness units

Overall Impression

Richter Aleworks is a cool neighborhood spot that offers an ever-changing variety of craft beer. With seating for more than 60 people in the taproom, you could stage your after-work liquid therapy there with the whole gang. 

Although they offer small pizzas and snacks, we didn’t try any on our visit. Food trucks are available on certain days of the week, too.

Additional Details

A few more facts to inform your planning…

  • They offer a couple of fruity seltzers (piña colada was tasty!)
  • Growlers and cans available to take home
  • Different food trucks are hosted on Fridays
  • They occasionally offer live music
  • Combine it with Peoria Artisan Brewery and Throne Brewing to make a very decent beer crawl.



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