Fire and Fury Brewing Company Review

Location13831 N 32nd St #32, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Phone Number(602) 358-7483
HoursM-Th 4pm-10pm, F-Sat 2pm-10pm, Sun 12pm-7pm

The area of 32nd Street and Greenway in north Phoenix is not what you’d call trendy. But a lot of people live and work in this neighborhood, including us. Our music school is in the area and we were super excited to see that Fire and Fury Brewing opened across the street.

The three co-owners of this new AZ craft brewery are Mike Mathis (head brewer), Lindsay Goodman (executive chef) and Steve Goodman (barbecue pit master). The Goodmans and Mathis were introduced by local brewer Brian Helton and decided to combine forces to offer craft beer and barbecue to Phoenicians. 

After a few years and a few stumbling blocks they opened Fire + Fury Brewing near the end of 2021. They’re currently open every day, serving their own beer and beer from other local breweries. You can try Goodman’s barbecue fresh if you stop by on Saturday.

The Place

We visited Fire and Fury Brewing Company in the summer of 2022 on a couple of different quiet afternoons to taste their beer. But their music lineup has enough intriguing players that we’ll eventually make it in after dark to listen while we quaff.

Tucked in the corner of a strip mall on the east side of 32nd St. south of Greenway, you’ll find plenty of free parking out in front of the brewery. The parking lot has recently been completely repaved.

There is a small patio in the front of the taproom with overhead shade cloths. That area was unoccupied on the particular hot June afternoon when we stopped in.

Fire and Fury Brewing exterior
The exterior of Fire + Fury Brewing Co. with patio

Bright and Comfortable Gathering Space

The interior of the brewery occupies about 5000 square feet of space. The taproom features brewing equipment to the right, a large bar in the center and table seating on the left. The decor is rustic/industrial with lots of wood and concrete floors. Natural light streams in from the bank of huge windows that cross the front of the space. 

On a sleepy afternoon, we found the vibe to be pretty lively in the taproom. The sound system was cranking out some loud, fun punk music when we walked in. 

We were greeted by the wonderful aroma of roasty malt permeating the air. The head brewer was hard at work on the brewing side, producing more fermented finery. 

According to their interview with Eric Walters on the Tap That AZ video/podcast, they are authorized for an occupancy of 155 people but they can’t seat that many right now. 

Inside, there are 16 stools around the three-sided bar and about 8 tables in the dining/drinking area. A couple of community long, high-top tables would make a good place for larger groups to hang out. Speaking of which, Fire + Fury Brewing hosts a Dungeons and Dragons group every Wednesday evening. 

Fire and Fury Brewing taps
Fire and Fury Brewing seating

Live Music Is Better–Bumper Stickers Should Be Issued

Situated in a large space once occupied by a live music club, it’s no surprise music has a prominent place in the Fire + Fury Brewing portfolio of offerings. Live music events are held regularly in the taproom–watch their Facebook page for listings.

They also have an awesome foosball table, an arcade-style video game and board games to entertain you while you sip. 

Although they weren’t serving food during our visit, they offer barbecued meats and side dishes on Saturdays. You can get sandwiches any time and enjoy a taco (or two) on Tuesdays.

The Beer

In his Phoenix Magazine interview, Mathis confessed to being a “hop head.” He quipped that if he had his own way, he’d only make IPAs. But he also said he enjoys making different styles of beer for his patrons to enjoy. 

Behind the bar, there are 16 available taps. They seem to keep a rotating 6 to 8 of their own recipes and 10+ brews from other brewing companies. They also sell their own product in cans so you can take home your favorite one to enjoy later.

Beer Reviews

Here are the Fire and Fury brews we’ve tried so far…

Did We Even Try American Pale Ale 5.5%/36Straw/pale gold color, floral/tropical aromas, floral hops, citrus, light-med. body; fun to drink!
HFO NEIPA (Hazies F*k Off) 7%/65Light gold, mod. Hazy; citrus hop aromas; juicy and bitter flavors; a moderate style NEIPA
Savage Intent West Coast IPA – Imperial/Double 8.0%/60Deep gold color, floral hoppy aromas. Classic IPA with good balance of high and low notes, lingers on finish. favorite of the day
SOFA Hard Seltzer (Sold Out F*king Again) 5%Light pink, sulfurous odor; pleasant taste is very subtle berry. Easy drinking beer alternative.
Summer on the Farm Farmhouse Ale-Saison ? ABV Light to med. Gold, hazy; aromas of cloves, sl. Fruity, wheaty, sl. barnyard and malty; flavors tangy, very spicy, malt, wheat; good saison w/lots of interesting aromas & flavors. favorite of the day
The Toughest Button to Button American IPA 6.8%/?Light gold, clear; earthy/smokey aromas; malty, smokey, very bitter; interesting BIG beer
Triple Down the Steps Belgian Tripel 10%/60Pale amber, notes of orange/orange zest; hints of sweetness, smooth; medium body. Falls off on the finish.
Venomous Lites Kolsch?/Pilsner 5%/20Pale gold, sl. Hazy; faint aromas of malt; bread-like flavors and light body. Simple and refreshing.
ABV=alcohol by volume, IBU=international bitterness units

See our ratings for some of these beers on Untappd.

Fire and Fury Brewing 1
Fire and Fury Brewing 2
Fire and Fury Brewing 3

Overall Impression

Fire + Fury Brewing Company is a welcomed addition to this north Phoenix neighborhood. They’re concocting some delicious beer and barbecue and providing a meeting place for locals. 

And the fact that they host live music performances is kind of a big deal since we don’t get enough of that up here in the north valley!

Additional Details

Here are some additional details to help you prepare for a visit to Fire and Fury Brewing Company in north Phoenix:

  • Check their updated beer menu on Untappd app here: Fire + Fury Brewing.
  • Fresh barbecue available on Saturdays, sandwiches and snacks available on other days.
  • Jam to metal music on the sound system on “Metal Mondays.” 
  • Happy hour Monday-Friday 4 pm to 7 pm with beer specials.
  • Check their Facebook page for announcements about new beer releases and live music events.
  • Kid-friendly venue
  • Dog-friendly patio
  • Within a 10 minute drive of O.H.S.O. Brewing of Paradise Valley and Uncle Bear’s Brewing Co. if you want to do a pub crawl!



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